December 5, 2011

To Wrap it Up

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:15 pm by pargoffa

This project has taught me a lot regarding finding underrepresented groups of individuals in literature. First thing is first, it is a challenge. I spent countless hours in my public library searching for books, walked up and down grand river checking every book shop, and finally wound up and Everybody Read’s in downtown Lansing- a store that is too few for its kind. When I completed gathering my books, I had an even bigger revelation. No matter what type of family is being represented, or what the circumstances are for the family coming about in that way, one thing remains the same: a family, regardless of its type is based on unconditional love and support, a theme I found in each of my five book choices. In And Tango Makes Three, Roy and Silo are determined to have a family of their own. When they finally do, both penguins care for her, teaching her tasks vital for survival. In The Sissy Duckling, Elmer’s mother supports him in all of his endeavors. Even though his father is skeptical and critical of his son at first, he realizes his son is special and has talents all his own which causes him to stick up for the son who he once called a sissy. In a Tale of Two Mommies, the main character is questioned by two peers. They are curious as to what mother takes care of him in a variety of situations. Although sometimes the two mothers altar tasks, when their son is hurt or needs tending to, both mothers are there to provide a shoulder to cry on and a hand to patch up a scraped knee. In Babar’s Little Girl, Babar’s daughter is cared for by family friends until her family is scared senseless and puts out a missing persons advertisement. Finally, in Who’s In a Family, each family is shown having fun in a very loving manner. Regardless of the family types exhibited in any book, in this case the five books regarding LGBTQ individuals, it is clear that the message is the same: although we are all different, we are all special in our own way, and loved by those we surround ourselves with.


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